Saturday, June 8, 2013

TD8's response to the Minister's response.

TD8 Action Group
Media Statement
A disappointing response has been delivered by Minister for Roads and Ports, Duncan Gay, to a petition of 3000 signatures requesting him to reconsider the classification of the loop road leading to Ellenborough Falls (RMS signposted as “Tourist Drive 8”).
A change in classification from “Local” to “Regional” would give the two councils (GTCC and PMHC) desperately needed assistance to keep this important tourist road passable. It cannot be called a “safe” road even now, and its condition continues to steadily decline as the councils’ infrastructure backlogs grow. The classification system accepts “tourist destination of State significance” as a valid criterion for Regional Road status. Ellenborough Falls attracts visitors from all around the world.
We are disappointed this National Party Minister, and the two National Party MPs involved, did not use their powers to overturn the bad decision of the previous Labor government when it declassified Bulga Rd from Regional to Local in 1995. That previous government did not value the contribution of Ellenborough Falls to the tourism industry on the Mid North Coast. We thought this government would be different, particularly when it demonstrated the foresight to help fund Duffs and Marlee Bridges, for which we are grateful.
The two bridges are now built, and provide a good solid carriageway for 100 of the 60,000 metres that make up the loop drive. The remaining 59,900 metres must join the increasing queues as their councils’ capacities are spread ever thinner. It makes no financial sense for the State to invest in these bridges but abandon the roads they link.
We all know the funding formula for rural roads needs changing, yesterday. Rural rates alone simply cannot pay for the vast stretches of country roads which access produce, forestry and tourism for everyone, including urban dwellers. Rural roads are a State and Federal responsibility.
Until the system changes at crisis point, this petition was one great opportunity for the State to show discretion on a justifiable special case, but sadly it has failed to do so.
For further information, contact Sandra Kwa, spokesperson for TD8 Action Group.
Ph: 6553 4790 or 0409 269939

Minister's response to Tourist Drive 8 petition.$FILE/500+%20petition%20response%20on%20Tourist%20Drive%208.pdf

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE: 15 July 2012
TD8 Action Group met with Andrew Stoner MP on Thursday 12th July and presented him with nearly 3,000 signatures supporting the group’s request to have Bulga Road and Colling Road classified as Regional Roads. This change of status from Local Road to a Regional Road would mean the Greater Taree City Council & Port Macquarie Hastings Council receive approximately $200,000 each year to carry out vital regular maintenance. This allocation is drawn from an annual pool of around $140m dedicated to the Regional Roads network.

The petition has largely been signed by people who travelled from all corners of the world to visit Ellenborough Falls, our state’s largest single drop waterfall. The need for a safe and regularly maintained road has attracted the support key business and tourism bodies in the Manning Valley and Mid North Coast including the Wingham Business Chamber, Manning Valley Business Chamber, Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast, Forest NSW and National Parks and Wildlife Service. The TD8 Action Group was also delighted to include a joint letter of support from Greater Taree City Council and Port Macquarie Hastings Council. 
Andrew Stoner MP has committed to providing a letter of support for the petition and the group has also received a letter of support from Stephen Bromhead MP.
TD8 Action Group is appreciative of the many local residents who also supported the petition, who recognise that local rates alone cannot be expected to carry the whole burden of maintaining a long tourist route that delivers economic benefit to the statewide tourism industry.

TD8 Action Group has stressed that the classification of the Bulga and Colling Roads as Regional Roads would:
1/ maximise the Government’s expenditure on the new bridges and also recent tourism initiatives such as the “Legendary” Pacific Coast campaign
2/ save the Government from potential disaster funding requests as the roads would be regularly maintained
3/ deliver multiple benefits to the local and wider economy while being revenue neutral to the State Government.

As a result of the meeting, Andrew Stoner MP has committed to inviting the Minister for Roads and Ports, Duncan Gay MLC, to drive Tourist Drive 8 to Ellenborough Falls for himself.

The petition will be tabled by Andrew Stoner MP when Parliament resumes in mid August.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Dear community

The above link takes you to the NRMA's Red Flag survey where motorists get to nominate a road they think needs State Government funding. Wendy Machin, NRMA president, is well-familiar with our local roads and drove Bulga and Colling Roads late last year to see the conditions for herself. We are hopeful that she will be able to influence the roads minister in his decision on whether to reclassify this tourist route so that it becomes eligible for State assistance.

Meanwhile, her advisor Ron Collins has recommended that we participate in this NRMA survey. Please take a few moments to respond to it online.

We have invited both Wendy Machin and Ron Collins to sign our petition. Currently we are still awaiting Andrew Stoner's advice on the timing for handing over the petition.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Dear community§ion=news

If you would like to hear what Andrew Stoner had to say about the Bulga/Colling Rd reclassification on ABC MNC the morning after meeting with TD8 members in Comboyne, please click on the above link. His comments were very positive and supportive, but made no firm commitments. We are very grateful for the $2.5m assistance pledged towards the new bridges, but we also need the reclassification for the sake of the roads.

The petition has reached around 1500 signatures, so thank you to all who have signed and collected signatures. It is not too late to send in petition forms (to S Kwa c/o-PO Elands 2429) as we are awaiting advice from Mr Stoner as to when he will be meeting with the minister. GTCC is in the process of drafting a letter of support, jointly with PMHC.

Even if you have signed, now would be a really good time to write to Mr Stoner, and copy to Mr Stephen Bromhead whose electorate shares the route, and the Minister for Roads and Ports, Mr Duncan Gay. The GTCC works manager, Stephen Yam, has confirmed that Bulga and Colling Roads will continue to slowly deteriorate, even though they are important tourist roads, unless there is support from the State Government. He urged us not to give up the fight for reclassification. GTCC's revenue shortfall is $20m every year and has accumulated a backlog of over $200m.

We are a small and quiet community that doesn't complain much, but local roads are reaching crisis point, so if you have a few minutes please send a brief email to:

The Hon Andrew Stoner MP
E-mail Address(es):

The Hon Stephen Bromhead MP
E-mail Address(es):

The Hon Duncan Gay MLC
E-mail Address(es):

Add your postal address so they can send a reply.

Friday, February 10, 2012


If you are interested in reclassification of the road, heres how you can help.  Grab a petition from any of the locations below

* Wingham Chronicle
* Wingham Library
* Bent on Food
* Manning River Times
* The Visitor Information Centre
* Elands Store
* Ellenborough Falls Kiosk
* Comboyne Store and Community Centre
* Udder Cow Cafe

or email us at  us and we will forward you a form.

Find as many people that you can to sign the petition and send the completed petitions to Sandra Kwa, c/- Elands Store, Elands.

Remember that the petition must have a name, address and be signed for it to be valid.

Petition News

The topic of the petition received good media coverage on Wednesday 8th February, on the same day that TD8 meet with the Hon Andrew Stoner.  The Hon Andrew Stoner announced on ABC radio the following morning that he would undertake to deliver the petition to the Hon Duncan Gay with his full support.

Watch this space for more news.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Welcome to the New Year.
Petition Update

We had much success over the Christmas and New Year period in respect to the compiling of names on petitions.  Petition forms were left at the Falls and most tourists more than happy to complete the form promoting the call for funding and reclassification of the road. 

The td8actiongroup were also out and about collecting names, and of course Christmas day was a great time to rally family and friends to the cause.

At this stage we appear to have well over a thousand names.

For those of you who have gathered names over the break if you could please forward to Sandra Kwa c/- Elands Post Office as soon as possible, that would be excellent.  We are keen to understand how many we have to hand so that we may start planning our submission to the State Government.

For those of you who are keen to assist if you could please print out the attached petition form and gather some names, that too would be excellent.  Remember we need the signature, name and address for the petition to be valid.

When you have gathered all your names please forward the forms to Sandra Kwa, c/- Elands Post Office, by no later than Monday 13th February 2012

Roads Forum

The Manning Valley Business Chamber is holding a Roads Forum on Thursday 2nd February 2012, arrive from 12.00 noon to commence 12.30 pm, at Albert Street, Taree Uniting Church.

Invitees include Local, State and Federal Government representatives.

The forum is specifically to discuss roads funding for the region and the future.  A representative from td8actiongroup will be attending, however we encourage everyone to participate in what is a major issue for the Manning Valley.