Monday, February 27, 2012


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If you would like to hear what Andrew Stoner had to say about the Bulga/Colling Rd reclassification on ABC MNC the morning after meeting with TD8 members in Comboyne, please click on the above link. His comments were very positive and supportive, but made no firm commitments. We are very grateful for the $2.5m assistance pledged towards the new bridges, but we also need the reclassification for the sake of the roads.

The petition has reached around 1500 signatures, so thank you to all who have signed and collected signatures. It is not too late to send in petition forms (to S Kwa c/o-PO Elands 2429) as we are awaiting advice from Mr Stoner as to when he will be meeting with the minister. GTCC is in the process of drafting a letter of support, jointly with PMHC.

Even if you have signed, now would be a really good time to write to Mr Stoner, and copy to Mr Stephen Bromhead whose electorate shares the route, and the Minister for Roads and Ports, Mr Duncan Gay. The GTCC works manager, Stephen Yam, has confirmed that Bulga and Colling Roads will continue to slowly deteriorate, even though they are important tourist roads, unless there is support from the State Government. He urged us not to give up the fight for reclassification. GTCC's revenue shortfall is $20m every year and has accumulated a backlog of over $200m.

We are a small and quiet community that doesn't complain much, but local roads are reaching crisis point, so if you have a few minutes please send a brief email to:

The Hon Andrew Stoner MP
E-mail Address(es):

The Hon Stephen Bromhead MP
E-mail Address(es):

The Hon Duncan Gay MLC
E-mail Address(es):

Add your postal address so they can send a reply.

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