Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A little Christmas present from GTCC!

Greater Taree City Council have today issued a media release confirming that the load limit on Marlee Bridge will now be raised to 8 tonnes!

The 10 kph must remain to minimise impacts on the bridge, so please continue to observe this speed limit.

TD8 Action Group were pleased to see the crossbeam repairs treated as a matter of urgency, after originally hearing it would be January, then February. We pushed for a pre-Christmas response, knowing the kind of holiday traffic this tourist drive attracts over the peak season. Now, at least the 4WDs and campervans are able to cross safely and legally, as are ambulance and hopefully fire/emergency vehicles.

Many of you were there at the first public meeting when we were faced with Council's reluctance to spend any money on temporary measures. Now we have temporary repairs AND they are working on the temporary bridge as well. We should congratulate ourselves as a community for having raised the bar. We should also congratulate the Council for their responsiveness - they are all human too and could do with positive encouragement, so send an email: gtaree@gtcc.nsw.gov.au attention: All the Councillors, Graham Schultz, John Stuckey, and Gerard Jose.

Today's news makes a nice little Christmas present from GTCC to TD8 and all our Bulga Road communities!

Happy holidays.

From TD8 Action Group

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  1. well done all on TD8 and the many individuals who lobbied, wrote letters, turned up to meetings etc. you have accomplished a terrific outcome on behalf of all in our community, . My sincere thanks to all who assisted in securing this excellent outcome. Your clear sighted determination has paid off. Merry Christmas Indeed!