Monday, September 20, 2010

GTCC Meeting with TD8 - Wednesday 17th September 2010

TD8 met with GTCC as a follow up to the last TD8 meeting held late May 2010. The meeting agenda was based upon the outcomes of the May 2010 meeting, in which GTCC advised on the progress being made for both the bridges and Bulga Road projects.

In summary:

Marlee & Duffs Bridges

- All geo tech reports are now back and are being scrutinised
- Land acquisition around Duffs bridge appears to be traveling well
- Land acquisition around Marlee bridge may have a few issues, however GTCC is working on solutions
- Tender documentation should be offered prior to Christmas with tenders due back by then. GTCC is looking to award the tender in January/February 2011
- GTCC will consult with us prior to the awarding of the tender
- The final timing of the construction of both bridges will be determined largely by the timing in the successful tender
- Approach to replacement of bridges will again largely be determined by the successful tender

Bulga Road

- 80% of the design is completed
- Tender documents are currently being drafted
- Tender documentation should be offered towards the end of October
- Works are earmarked to be completed first quarter 2011, subject to weather

Regarding the opportunity for financial assistance, GTCC is in discussion with Rob Oakeshott MP office towards gaining a better understanding of the details and discussions had with Mr Oakeshott MP and the newly elected Labor government. This will become clearer over the coming months.

TD8 will be meeting with GTCC early next year once the tenders are due to be awarded in respect to the Bridges.

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  1. We, Liane Lord and family, would like to commend and congratulate TD8actiongroup on their ongoing commitment and determination to see the Duffs and Marlee bridges upgrade/replacement through to the end. We realise, appreciate and thankyou for all the time and effort you have all put in.
    Regards Liane