Friday, January 21, 2011


Representatives of TD8 met with GTCC, Coffey Projects and CivilTeam (works contractor) on Wednesday 19th January 2011.

GTCC has provided minutes of the meeting and as such amendments have been made to the previous blog update. In summary:

The Bulga Road Remediation Works

Commencement of works

Physical work will commence Monday 31st January 2011
You may start seeing equipment and material on location prior to works commencing.

Duration of works

The road will be closed from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Saturday (most Saturdays however this will be arranged the week before). Sunday will be a special case if emergencies arise (need to apply and seek advance approval).

Detour signage will be arranged next week by Council and will be placed at:

- Installed at Colling Road in the Port Macquarie Shire area
- Colling Road and Swans Road.

TD8 requested signage at the Wingham Bridge turn off to Elands (so traffic may take the alternative route prior to travel towards Elands). GTCC will consult with its Variable Message Board supplier to see if it may be possible to change the wording at the start and end of each shift to advise of the road status.

If the detour signage is not erected or if the detour signage at Wingham Bridge states otherwise, the road will be available for use. At this stage works contractor (CivilTeam) cannot be specific as to when this may occur during the course of the project.

Works should take 8 weeks, with completion earmarked for 31st March 2011. It is hoped that works will be completed prior to school holidays. This of course is dependent upon weather.

There is no opportunity to provide a 1/2 day access once a week during the works, primarily due to budget constraints and in turn project timetable extension.


Works consist of only remediation/rectification to those areas affected by the February 2008 rain. The disaster relief funding provided by the RTA will only cater for 'like for like' rectification and does not include any additional improvements to the Bulga Road. There are four site locations.

Two of the bigger areas will be road reconstruction. Site Four - lowest on the mountain - the carriageway will be excavated into the hillside so the road will be widened. Site two (next slip uphill) will be widened by constructing a retaining wall on the fill side of the road. This will result in these areas of the road being two lanes wide (approx. 5 metres).

No additional safety barriers/guards or signage, etc will be provided as it has not been allowed for within the RTA funding.

Emergency Services & Mailman

GTCC advised that they will be advising the Emergency Services of the project and who to contact. GTCC also has confirmed that members of the community should not advise emergency services of the status of road closures.

Please note that the above comments are as per GTCC advice and are not the opinions or advice from TD8. If you have any queries or wish to seek clarification on this matter please direct them to GTCC.

GTCC and its contractors will be making contact with the Mailman to discuss his day to day activities and timetable in order to ensure that the mail is delivered.

Comboyne Road and Colling Road

TD8 highlighted the poor state of roads within the Hasting Shire, given that these roads will be used as the alternate route.

GTCC has now confirmed that Port Macquarie/Hasting Council will 'pull out all stops to grade their section of Colling Road prior to 31st January 2011. Additionally, they undertook to regularly inspect its condition during the contract period'. Should the road deteriorate during works GTCC will plan road maintenance upon advice.

Information Centres - Port Macquarie/Taree

GTCC has advised in a separate email that they will be notifying the relevant information centres of the impending works and project timetable.

Ongoing Communication

Coffey Projects will be providing regular updates to GTCC. who in turn committed to provide regular updates to the community during the construction phase. Unless there is a major project issue at which time GTCC will communicate via its normal channels.


GTCC has signed permits to enter for properties from relevant parties giving GTCC authorisation to enter the properties during the bridge work. During, or most likely following, the bridge works, negotiations will take place will affected land owners regarding acquisitions.

Tenders for the works close on 17th February 2011. GTCC will take 2-3 weeks to access the tenders and thereafter, a report will be presented to the March Council Meeting.

TD8 and GTCC will meet thereafter to discus the outcome of the tender process.

TD8 will maintain communication with the community as and when meetings or other related information comes to hand.

Meantime, we suggest that if you have any particular queries outside of the above provided you should contact GTCC direct. Duncan Clarke is the GTCC representative for both projects.

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  1. Thanks so much to TD8 members for persevering with these issues. We have such capable and articulate representatives.