Thursday, December 22, 2011


Help Secure the Money to Make Our Roads Safe 

The  Facts
  •  Greater Taree City Council (GTCC) has no funds to ensure our roads are safe and appropriately maintained.
  • GTCC’s backlog of infrastructure works is $200 million (as at Sept 2011) and is expected to increase by $20 million per year.
  •  Unless we can secure additional funds for our roads they will continue to deteriorate and become increasingly unsafe for use by our families and friends, the school bus, the business community and local, interstate and international tourists.
  • The only solution is to secure financial support from the State and Federal government.
  • The State government gives annual funding to local councils to maintain roads classified as “Regional” because of their significance.
 How you can help!

Sign the petition today calling for the classification of Bulga and Colling Roads, along Tourist Drive 8, from Local to Regional Roads. Tourist Drive 8 is a heavily promoted tourist drive that provides access to the Legendary Ellenborough Falls and connects the Manning and Hastings Valleys yet much of it is classified as “Local” road and therefore receives no assistance from the State.

For signatures to be valid you have to write your name, address and signature. Please send the completed sheets to Sandra Kwa, c/o Elands Post Office, Elands 2429 by Tuesday 31st January 2012.

For a copy of the petition or for further information please contact us via the email or post a comment on this site.

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