Thursday, November 19, 2009

GTCC Meeting 18th November - Outcome

We are pleased with the outcomes of the GTCC meeting held last night. This meeting included the follow up Works Report which was discussed at the last GTCC meeting held on 4th November 2009.

Under discussion was the option to increase the capacity of Marlee Bridge and to put forward alternative options for temporary crossings at both Marlee and Duffs bridges.

In this regard the Works Report was accepted, with an amendment to look at the heritage value and costings of the current timber bridges. The general consensus being that the maintenance and preservation costs of the bridges was beyond GTCC ability. A thorough discussion ensued in respect to the pros and cons of preserving the bridges in whatever form.

A second temporary bridge option is currently under review however due to the sensitive nature of this particular option details are being kept close to GTCC chest. These details will be advised upon further investigation by GTCC. TD8 will be monitoring this second option closely.

GTCC resolved to pursue the temporary bridge options as a matter of urgency.

A proposal by GTCC to borrow up to $1M to fund the temporary bridges was moved and in this they appear genuine in their endeavours to now move speedily to source the most appropriate temporary solution.

Mayor Hogan and the City Councilors had positive comments on the work the community and TD8 have done in attending meetings as well as working through the various options available.

At the consultation meeting held on Wednesday 11th November with Rob Oakeshott MP, GTCC and TD8 we discussed the reclassification of Bulga Road and Tourist Drive 8 to a regional road. In this reclassification there is the opportunity to attract State funding for repairs and improvements. Whilst this option is worth pursuing we do not expect a quick outcome.

Mayor Hogan and two or three representatives of TD8AG are endeavouring to arrange a meeting with Mr David Campbell, Minister for Roads & Transport to seek funding for two permanent new bridges.

Thanks to all for what has been a great advancement in real solutions in the space of one month.

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  1. If Coucil will let us know to whom they apply for funding then we can back them up with letters, emails, petitions etc.

    Well done team.

    bill forbes