Thursday, November 12, 2009

TD8 & GTCC: Outcome of informal Council Meeting - 11 November 2009

TD8, GTCC and Rob Oakeshott had a very positive informal meeting last night. Our resolutions from Monday's public meeting were conveyed, and accepted by Council without any resistance. A temporary solution for both Marlee and Duffs Bridges has been taken on board as the only acceptable interim solution for this community.

John Stuckey provided a written response from Gloucester Council's engineer with proposed costings for hire of bridge components and technical assistance, and also factored in the costs of purchasing additional bridge sections. John also indicated that GTCC engineers are investigating other temporary bridge systems which could possibly achieve the required span without a mid-river support (as the Gloucester bridge would require).

Graham Shultz agreed that the urgent replacement of the three crossbeams is still needed as a safety issue. He has now provided us with copies of the Integrity Testing reports for both bridges. It is great to be working with GTCC in such a progressive way.

Our discussions and resolution on heritage matters were noted.

The need to attract funding from higher levels of government was discussed. Rob Oakeshott will undertake to bring up this subject in Parliament over the next fortnight and has requested a written submission from GTCC to assist him. Mayor Paul Hogan will continue in his endeavours to make contact with Mr Campbell and it was agreed that should an appointment be made, at least one community member should accompany the Mayor to the meeting.

Regarding The Bulga Road landslip repairs, GTCC advised that following the storms in 2008 & 2009 geotech investigations and estimates were received to undertake repairs to the landslips. Further geotech reports were requested as the estimates appeared to be too low. The final estimates have been received by GTCC and will shortly be sent to the RTA for approval. No dates are available to enable the tendering process to commence until final approval is received from the RTA. We will continue to liaise with GTCC in respect to this matter.

Clr David West commended our group, and our community, on the way we have handled this crisis and our willingness to work co-operatively with our local council.

We TD8 (David Marks, Rosi Lembke, Col Hurrell, Ken Cameron, Janeece Irving and Sandra Kwa) left the meeting feeling optimistic. At least at this level of government, our voices have been heard. Thanks to all for your inputs, ideas, advices and support.

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