Saturday, November 7, 2009

TD8 UPDATE: Visit by the Daily Telegraph

A big thank you to those who turned out in the rain yesterday to meet with Vicki Campion, of the Daily Telegraph. There were approximately 30-35 local residents on hand, with quite a few staying till later in the day to meet with the photographer.

Vicky had a chance to speak with most people, together with experiencing the difficulties that locals, businesses and tourists face, particularly in this type of weather.

The photographer along with some locals and Tom Lowe, travelled in the school bus along the detour route to the flooded first crossing. We are sure that the photos will highlight the challendges faced by all who utilise the detour route, especially the plight of the children relying on the school bus to take them to and from school.

The Marlee Fire Tanker was also on show, located near the bridge, to capture the irony of crossing the bridge with a 2T limit, in the event emergency services are required.

We anticipate that the article will be published in the Daily Telegraph on Monday 9th November.

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