Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TD8 UPDATE: Community Meeting Mon 9th Nov, Bobin Hall

Well, what an incredible turn out we had last night. We calculated approximately 180 or so residents, and given the time that was taken out of ones busy day, this is a fantastic result. This is surely a testament of how serious this community takes the issue and that we will not be backing anyway from a resolution anytime soon.

The order of events proceeded as follows:
- Ken Cameron - moderator for the evening
- David Marks - provided a history of TD8 Committee, background information of what has transpired with GTCC to date and changes that are occurring within Council. The issue of the Bulga Road landslip was highlighted and the lack of action by GTCC to date.
- Eric Richardon - a brief history and heritage significance of Marlee and Duffs Bridges (both being over 100 years old) as well as providing a broad overview of how past decisions made at State and Council levels has impacted today on roads and bridges. With GTCC having to manage a catchmentment of approximately 3,500 square miles, lack of funding, inadequate resources and ill preparation culminating in the issues we are now faced with today. Eric also suggested that we look at alternative funding ideas in an effort to assist GTCC in rectification of the bridges, such as voluntary rate pegging.
- Rosi Lembke - briefly spoke of the td8 website, email address and how to get in touch with the group to voice ideas and concerns.
- Sandra Kwa & Ken Cameron - provided great detail on the 6 options that GTCC had put forward in its Works Report dated 7th October 2009. The third option of temporary bridges, which would allow 60 tonne load on both Marlee and Duffs bridges, seen as the most viable of all.

With many questions and ideas expressed from the floor, the various options discussed in detail a vote was taken on each option. Option 3 was voted on unanimously, that is, the temporary 60 tonne load bridges.

Comments were made from the floor in respect to a temporary fix of Marlee bridge in order to allow an ambulance to cross. Safety of the community being a prominent issue.

Also discussed was the state of the Bulga Road and the inaction from GTCC since the Coffey Report was discussed and moved by Councillors on 22nd April 2009 meeting. The point being made that a whole approach to the Tourist Drive 8 needs to be considered by GTCC and not just a temporary, and then long term fix to the bridges.

Finally, we moved onto 'what to do with the current timber bridges'. Again open dialouge within the community proved fruitful. A vote was taken with the result being that the Marlee bridge should be removed, a photographic history collected and an intrepretive structure built close by using timber from the bridge. Similarly this was agreed for Duffs bridge less the interpretive structure.

Questions for GTCC to answer on whether this could occur are past timber treatments as well as funding ongoing maintance.

We would like to make a special thanks to Eric Richardson for providing his time and thoughtful insights on the issue. I believe it greatly benefited to the discussions.

Again thanks to all.

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