Friday, November 6, 2009

GTCC UPDATE: Meeting 4th Nov - Outcomes

GTCC Meeting 4th November - Outcomes

The GTCC Council meeting held on Wednesday 4th November was well attended by the community with Council acknowledging such a presence. With the preliminary council formalities completed we were pleased to hear Mayor Hogan formally apologise to the community as well as concede that the current limitations, mainly on Marlee Bridge, has created immense difficulties for both residents and businesses alike.

Members of the community were on hand to provide GTCC with various views on the impact that the limitations have had. These were:

Sandra Kwa – on behalf of td8action group, discussed the report council furnished for review prior to the meeting, providing feedback and suggested alternatives for an interim and long term solution
David Rhodes – discussed the impact to essential services use of Marlee Bridge, particularly during severe weather conditions
Jane Watson – a parent, representing parents and children
Col Hurrell – highlighted the impact to local businesses, only after such a short time of the limitations coming into affect
Peter Gollan – requested GTCC take a broader view of the tourist drive 8 route and to include the problems associated with possible landslip on The Bulga Road heading up to Elands
Tim Graham – drew attention to the wider impact that the limitations will have on tourism within GTCC and the possible long term affects on the broader community

It is also worth noting that Council were keen to hear from all the speakers with various questions and discussions had after each one, and that council were lenient on the timing for each speaker, enabling the salient points to be heard and made.

We were happy to see the media represented with NBN, The Wingham Chronicle and 2BOB.

GTCC concluded the matter with a motion to:
1. Review all alternative options available, including those suggested by the community guest speakers
2. Continue seeking funding from the State and Federal Governments
3. Meet with td8 action group next week to consult further on the various options available

Certainly item 3 above is positive step by GTCC to achieving an outcome that actually works for the community and not presenting a ‘fait au compli’. Td8 is therefore keen to consult with and provide the wider community with an update and have organised for a meeting to be held at Bobin Hall on Monday 9th November at 6.00 pm. We encourage all to attend.

A copy of the minutes from the Council meeting on November 4th can be found at

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