Monday, November 16, 2009

TD8: Speed Humps Marlee & Duffs Bridges

It is a shame that given the deterioration of Marlee and Duffs bridges and subsequent tonnage limitations placed on both for the safety of the community and visitors alike, someone has decided to remove the said humps.

The speed humps, although somewhat harsh, have been installed to impede and slow vehiclar traffic to the 10 km limit, which in turn, slows down the deterioration of the bridges. This being truly the desired effect, and it is fair to say that without them this problem will only be exacerbated.

The effect to the community being a reducation to the life of Marlee (& Duffs) bridge as well as the ongoing costs, precious funds, that we as a community would prefer GTCC to be using towards installation of temporary bridges rather than channelling it in another direction, ie replacement of humps.

We would therefore ask the community to rally behind GTCC and its primary intent of ensuring safety to all who utilise these bridges.


  1. I agree. Lets not antagonise the council. We need their full support and they need to know the community is willing to work with them not against them

  2. I thought the council may have removed them because they were causing damage to vehicles and were going to replace them with something more suitable,is it a fact that they were illegally removed?If so it is inappropriate.

  3. Who was the senseless idiot who removed the speed humps from the bridges,they were removed between 6 & 8pm on friday night,sure whey were an inconvenience but were put there to help prolong the life of the bridges until they get replaced.
    If the bridge collapses through some one traveling
    too fast over it, it will be much more inconvenient traveling through the detour. In my view the police should be notified and this matter investigated and the person responsible pulled into line! Acts like this is a bad reflection on the whole community. Especially at a time when we are trying to work with the council and not against them.